2 Channel Voltage/Current Sensor and an AC Output


  • 2 channels near-real-time AC voltage/current monitoring.
  • 1 channel AC power output.
  • Capable of remote / automated controlling external motor or equipment.
  • Cord-free deployment with mesh-based wireless network.
  • LCD screen display Volatage and Current.
  • 1-year warranty for non-consumable parts.


Voltage/Current sensor

  • Range: 100 ~ 240V

AC Power Output

  • Output Voltage: 1-phase 110V AC or 3-phase 220 V AC 1

Wireless Mesh Network

  • 2.4GHz ISM band, NCC & FCC certified
  • Capable of connecting to KingYoung IoT Smart Gateway
  • Capable of extending mesh network as range extender
  • Signal range: 250m 2 ~ 800m 3

Power Source

  • 1-phase 110V AC or 3-phase 220 V AC


  • Material: UPVC

  1. Same as input power voltage.
  2. Radio signal strength might be weaker within some angle.
  3. Approximate Line-of-sight distance, the actual condition might be different.

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