Field-ready Wireless IoT Solutions

KingYoung provides you field-verified wireless IoT system for data acquisition and automation on agricultural, aquacultural and industrial application.

Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Networking

The mesh network is automatically formed and will perform self-healing if some obstacles appeared. All is done without manual setup.

The multi-hop network can easily extend operating range by adding more routers or devices on the site. Making it possible to operate over a much longer distance than traditional radio systems.

Cloud Connected Platform

KingYoung IoT solutions are designed with the cloud in mind. All device can be monitored and controlled via the cloud platform in real-time.

Historical sensor data are backed up locally and then uploaded to the cloud for further analysis.

Our cloud platform can also push OTA(Over The Air) update for devices with nearly no impact on the normal operation, making the whole system safe and up to date.

Robust and Reliable

KingYoung put a lot of efforts to keep the downtime of IoT system low and minimize the impact of network failures.

Our mesh wireless network can automatically heal the network when some unwanted behavior appeared, minimizing the impact of physical interference and obstacles.

The smart gateway can also handle complex application-specific rules while the device is disconnected from the cloud, make the system more reliable in the real world condition.

Easy Installation

KingYoung IoT devices adopt low power RF components and can be powered with battery and solar energy. Making the device fully cordless.

Cutting off the power cords simplified the installation process, and also eliminated the installation and maintenance cost of power cords.

Outdoor-ready Design

Outdoor environment often kills consumer grade IoT electronics, makes it impossible to deploy those devices on to the field.

KingYoung IoT solution is designed to survive outdoor environments like rains, sunlight, or even salt mist.

Extensible and Customizable

KingYoung IoT solution is built with various function modules, which means the system can be extended and customized with your requirement. Check the link below to see the available modules for customization.

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